Don't just sit there-get moving! Stand up and look around. Now take a step. You know, any action at all (even a small step) will start to motivate you. Once you take that first step you'll quickly want to take another and then another. Is it tough? Yes. It has been said that action precedes motivation. If you sit around all day just waiting for an idea to come to you well then you're going to have a very long wait. Nobody is going to knock on your door to tell you to get up. You have to do that. Start right now. You have a goal in mind. Take a step right now towards it. Make a phone call. Knock on a door. Pick up a book or publication that will give you more information on how to proceed. Each day you hesitate is wasted. How would you feel if it were the end of your life and you had not acted on something that makes your heart sing? How would you feel then? Do you want to leave this earth with that dream still locked up inside you never having the chance to see the light of day? Our time here is finite. Procrastination in itself becomes a bad habit that keeps you tied down. Don't let it get hold of you because it will make you a prisoner. Instead, recognize that it is not your friend and push it out of your way. You have better things to do. You have a goal. You have a dream. Go and make it happen.

They flash through our minds thousands of times a day- our thoughts. And most of the time, we are barely paying attention to them. The only thing we really do notice is that we seem to feel great- or terribly depressed and anxious. When we feel great we just keep going on with our day; big smiles plastered on our faces and a spring in our steps. But when we feel bad we sit there and wonder why. But the answer to that is amazingly simple- that bad feeling in the pit of our guts is a direct result of the activity that is going on in our heads. Our thoughts are creating our feelings. So somehow we have to change it. And we can start by noticing our thoughts, and then switching them around to a thought that feels better. The more we can do this then the more thoughts will feel better and that in turn has a cumulative effect on us- we start to feel better and because we feel better- we do better. Our world seems to be a brighter, more welcoming place. Make a promise today to yourself to start noticing your thoughts. Get yourself some post-it notes and put them around in several different places where you are bound to see them. But before you put them up, write one word on them- "notice." That will get the ball rolling. After awhile, you'll find that when you hear or see the word "notice" that you'll focus on what you're thinking about- and how it is making you feel. And then, my friend, you can start reaching for the thoughts that make you smile instead of frown.

The importance of facts in our daily lives is overridden by fiction and make-believe that can wipe out fear and impact one with a brief taste of joy. In other words it is a drug and the wearing off of it causes pain and a longing for more to overcome it. The hooks sent out by fictional characters impact on one's own life and they may even try to emulate a character from their favourite story. In any case what you take into the brain is food from which the body takes sustenance. It's easy to watch a movie than to take care of the house, if you are a housewife. It's easier to send the kids off to watch television than to deal with their million and one questions. It's also easier to read a book rather than worry about where the money to pay the overdue bills will come from. Society is geared towards money making and anything that has a hook in it to snare the public and cause them to want to spend is a good thing in the modern world. That's why drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and theatre are tolerated and increasing in popularity, It's why governments can't wipe them out even though they cause major health problems or disunity by what they teach others to do. Violent movies, games, and other things are more favoured than gentle stories of families. The violence in the young people today and the appearance of them demonstrate the effect of fiction and how much it is changing the human brain. Children impacted with stories that are unnatural for the developing mind to take in are twisting it to the extent that mental illnesses are common among kids not yet of school age. Parents are unable to control them. On the other hand children who are not subjected to fiction and whose parents spend a lot of time with them outdoors and teaching them about nature are easier to control and better citizens. They are less likely to inflict their skin with ugly graffiti or tattoos and body piercings. The parents who instill the importance of fact over fiction reap the rewards in a long term relationship with their offspring that is rare among those who are steeped in make-believe from the cradle.

The things one goes through in life are all lessons and triggers for the next phase. Nothing happens that is not meant and everything has a reason behind it, even the worst experiences can lead to great joy and a better life in the long run. Problems occur when people dwell on the negatives and talk about them constantly without allowing the brain to get on with things. By putting bad experiences behind us and taking the next steps forward to turn a corner and make a different path. Marriage followed by divorce is one of the worst experiences many go through. While they expect a life of bliss it often results in abuse, horror, and the need to flee. In some cases children are caught in the mix and then long court cases seeking custody and other things follow. The trauma is horrendous and many are left with PTSD as a side-effect. But when the light begins to shine again in their dark world the brightness is often greater than any they may have experienced before. The peace can be overwhelming and the beauty of nature far more appreciated than when the things they were struggling with blanketed their world in misery. Many find that living alone is far more beneficial than having a partner who demands their attention. They find they gain a closer link to God through their little voice inside that is suddenly able to be heard. They leave aside the things of the world and become more spiritual as a result and their healing can take on miraculous proportions as the Spirit works in their lives. Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit it commissioned me to 'tear down the wall of churches and bring back the young.' Over the months and years that followed the learning curve delivered many surprises and among them was the way the Spirit works to free its people from handicaps, such as a bad marriage, or something else. We are all under the control of the Spirit and it puts us through trials and tests our willingness to turn back to it when we stray from the path. The ugly packages of trauma and strain may camouflage the beauty that awaits the one who escapes and receives the good things of God as a result. The many people it has led me to counsel and restore is testimony to the truth in the above claim. Spinal decompression therapy can be used to treat various types of painful conditions that are associated with degenerative discs, disc herniation and posterior facet syndromes. The computerized traction device helps relieve the chronic pain by targeting the problem areas of the spine in a precise manner. You may be surprised to know that most people suffer chronic back pain for weeks, months and even years before they seek treatment. Most of them opt for painkillers but these offer only temporary relief. The traditional treatment methods treat only the symptoms and not the causes due to which the pain and discomfort return to trouble you. It is important that you choose a therapy or treatment that helps repair the misalignment and provide long lasting relief from the chronic pain. Spinal decompression therapy helps align the spine to its natural position and this can help in reducing and eliminating the chronic back pain. What are the painful conditions that spinal decompression therapy can help? Disc protrusion or bulge is a painful condition in which the outer layers of the disc put pressure on the nerves in the spine. This can cause acute pain. In disc herniaion the inner part of the disc pierce the outer part putting pressure on the nerves and causing inflammation. Sciatica is a condition where misalignment of the spine and nerve pressure can cause pain in the legs. Pressure on the spinal cord can cause stenosis resulting in pain in both the arms and legs. All these painful conditions can be treated successfully by spinal decompression therapy and you may be able to see significant improvement within a few sessions. Benefits of spinal decompression therapy As the root cause of the chronic back pain is addressed in this therapy you may be able to get permanent relief from the pain instead of the temporary relief that you experience when you opt for traditional treatment methods. As the spinal decompression therapy is non-surgical you may be able to start with your regular activities immediately after consulting the doctor. You do not need prolonged medication too. This makes it a very cost effective way to get rid of your chronic back pain. You may be able to avoid the complications of surgery when you opt for this treatment process. The treatment is safe and painless and the gentle techniques that are used in the procedure may help promote healing by reducing pain. The therapy can also help strengthen the spine nerves and muscles and prevent injuries. When opting for spinal decompression therapy it is important that you look at the experience of the chiropractor. When you choose a good chiropractor you may be able to ensure that your treatment is effective. The number of therapy sessions that you may need may vary depending on your specific condition. Learn the many decompression exercises that are recommended by the chiropractor so that you are able to prevent misalignment of the spine. The exercises can help prevent injuries in the future by strengthening the spine.